A Call to Legislators
Do something. We beg you. As CONSTITUENTS and TAXPAYERS., we need to make sure that our money is best being spent on medical care that works to help autism. An investment in this project means opening your perspective to the real changes that are possible with autism. These are not just hopes. What AID FOR AUTISM provides are real documented and videotaped changes as a child with autism progresses through aggressive therapies formulated by doctors to combat autism. And, as can be seen, they work!

An investment in this movement toward the healing of all children with autism is paramount to your OATH AS A PUBLIC SERVANT. We count on you to make US count. Think in your own family. Would you look away at a solution if you knew it could help your sister’s son? Your nephew? Your grandchild?

Helping this project, by getting the voices of these voiceless children heard is your job.

Here are the facts in the Reese Project alone:
Conventional Treatment
1. Julius Reese is diagnosed with autism when he is 24 months old.
2. Six months later, his mother is still battling to get therapies for him.
3. The state approves an typical early childhood intervention program that focuses solely on behavior.
4. In one year, $88,000 is spent by the state for therapies that are supposed to train Julius
5. Julius has seen no progress and seems to be “slipping away” even more.

Ineffective Tax Payer Funded Conventional Therapy Expenditures Vs. Private Funded Proven Alternative Therapy for Autism
Alternative Treatment
1. Celeste Reese finds help from private donors and AID for AUTISM is born to see Julius through various progressive therapies.
2. Six months later, Julius’ is still detoxing and beginning the groundwork of healing the physical aspects of autism; family is tempted to quit.
3. Nine months into treatment, massive changes begin to manifest. Celeste and Tony Reese are beside themselves with joy. The previous stress in their lives begins to resolve.
4. In one year, less than $15,000 is spent by all vendors for the therapies that allowed Julius to grow healthier (speak, play in social groups, sleep normally, being responsive to parents).

Conventional vs. Alternative Therapy Costs for Autism
In 5 years, we will have spent almost $350,000 on a child and see little or no change. With Alternative biomedical treatments, less than $50,000 was spent over the 5 year period and great results were seen.
Our dear lawmakers… do something. Change the broken laws that hold back vital treatments from children with autism. Hours of approved therapies now barely do occupational and behavioral therapy to correct the outward behaviors of these children. Including therapies that while unconventional, but that are working beyond any mere occupational training, will ensure that 1) money is not wasted and 2) that the healing effects of these adjunct therapies will reduce the need for more and more future services, as these children are healed out of autism.

It will gain you the admiration of your base for the concrete reasons we all vote for you—for results that make sense.

Do you have additional questions or want additional information regarding this project? Please email info@aidforautism.com.

If you are interested in donating to Aid for Autism, please contact click here.

Before and After Dramatic Journey
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Wish List
One year ago, a tearful Mom and Dad wrote down the ten greatest desires they had for their son, Julius. Their anguish was reflected in the simplicity of what they wrote. These dreams, wholly unattainable, were sealed in an envelope.

Today, tearful parents unsealed that envelope and where shocked to see… (more)
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Do you really know about Autism?
These children suffer from the world’s worst headache and stomachache, with chronic explosive bowel problems. An adult with these symptoms would see their doctor immediately begging for relief. But because many of these children have communication problems, we send them to psychologists and therapists first. But if you were in pain, why wouldn’t you... (more)
Celeste Reese Blog
Follow Celeste as she shares her struggles, accomplishments, and reactions to various physical and biomedical therapies. Sometimes horrific, sometime soaring, frequently funny, Celeste’s blog is a helpful insight into a life driven towards recovery. (See her blog).
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