Do you really know about Autism?
These children suffer from the world’s worst headache and stomachache, with chronic explosive bowel problems. An adult with these symptoms would see their doctor immediately begging for relief. But because many of these children have communication problems, we send them to psychologists and therapists first. But if you were in pain, why wouldn’t you seek out medical aid before doing anything else?

What causes autism is fraught with much controversy. Like many other complex medical conditions, there are probably many different factors that can lead a child to receive a diagnosis of “Autism”. Therefore, any one, singular therapy may or may not prove effective. However, when several of these therapies are used in concert, obvious improvements take place with regularity. A common basic biomedical protocol has been established:

Gluten Free/Casin Free Diet
Mild Hyperbaric Therapy (HBOT )

Most children on the spectrum have some type of medical predisposition that does not allow them to purge toxins from their bodies. Some of these therapies help their body purge toxins (chelation, HBOT ). Some, like the diet, help address food sensitivities and allergies that are the result of food leakage from the stomach into the blood stream, which can leave the body without enough energy to feed the brain (leaking gut/starving brain syndrome).

Supplements and MB12 can help add back in vital nutrients that are missing from a child’s system and bring a balance back into their gastrointestinal systems. HBOT helps with inflammation issues, both intestinal and neurological, and aid in the growth of speech and focus.

If you know someone who has a child on the Autism spectrum, but they have not heard about biomedical interventions, please share this information with them. The sooner these children start healing their bodies, the quicker they are on the path to improvement.

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Autism is not a disciplinary issue, it's how these children manage pain.
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