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Before and After Dramatic Journey
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Wish List
One year ago, a tearful Mom and Dad wrote down the ten greatest desires they had for their son, Julius. Their anguish was reflected in the simplicity of what they wrote. These dreams, wholly unattainable, were sealed in an envelope.

Today, tearful parents unsealed that envelope and where shocked to see… (more)
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Do you really know about Autism?
These children suffer from the world’s worst headache and stomachache, with chronic explosive bowel problems. An adult with these symptoms would see their doctor immediately begging for relief. But because many of these children have communication problems, we send them to psychologists and therapists first. But if you were in pain, why wouldn’t you... (more)
Celeste Reese Blog
Follow Celeste as she shares her struggles, accomplishments, and reactions to various physical and biomedical therapies. Sometimes horrific, sometime soaring, frequently funny, Celeste’s blog is a helpful insight into a life driven towards recovery. (See her blog).
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