Why is AID for AUTISM different from other autism organizations?
No one "owns" or profits from Aid for Autism, except the Autism movement itself. All the volunteer doctors and vendors who put their time and effort into healing one family at a time, do so without making a single profit from donations. In fact, their work is voluntary and completely donated too.

Think of this project as a “Pay it Forward” movement of sorts. Even the family who is seeking aid also benefits the autism cause by the telling of their story to the public. They are tasked with the job of letting their personal and private story be told online to a multitude of internet savvy viewers. AID for AUTISM asks them to do this in return for the help that they are receiving ‘free of charge’. The family’s job in this project is to be the mouthpiece, the daily demonstrators of an implemented method for the recovery of autism. They are asked to videotape everything—good, bad, and ugly days during the treatment course. This candid look into the private lives of these families yields its own powerful voice. With such weight attached to their plight and healing, this is the voice that will be taken to legislators in order to affect the kind of sweeping changes required to recover all children with autism.

Helping one child,
one family at a time …recover

In a nutshell, AID for AUTISM has taken a medically naïve child and aligned them with a top-ranking autism specialists and doctors who voluntarily oversee the child’s medical journey toward recovery. This team of providers caters a protocol of therapies for this child, based on this child’s presenting needs. AID for AUTISM then seeks out the recommended services and therapies from vendors, who are given the opportunity to donate supplies and treatments as a charitable venture. In doing so, they become part of the family’s website vendor and provider list, with first-hand product reviews given by the family as they follow treatment. This is an opportunity for vendors to put their money where there product touting is—in real time, real life, ONLINE.

Because of the progressive nature of the medical interventions used in recovering children from autism, it is necessary for families to document everything, daily and tediously. It is a small price to pay considering the changes families begin to see materialize right before their eyes in their children.

With this challenge—Affecting real progress in a child with autism—doctors, patients and donors of funding and services see things change right before their eyes—video and blog. By getting the word out, by rallying politically for each family, the face of autism will begin to transform to one of real hope AND medical healing…

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Your donation:

As a participant in this project, YOUR donation monies are NOT collected simply to benefit someone else’s pocket by way of mark ups on products that must be bought, or consultations with doctors (at exorbitant prices) that must be paid by AID for AUTISM on behalf of the family. NO. Instead, AID for AUTISM appeals to physicians and vendors to give to the project—to be recognized for doing so on the merit of good will on the AID for AUTISM website. And doctors and vendors love that they can help and be charitable at the same time. How more credible is a doctor or vendor’s work when it is done completely without charge. This kindness repays itself in more ways than one.

Donated monies are used to pay for services that cannot be bartered, and only in cases when no other options exist. These expenses include insurance deductibles, sometimes airplane fare (with heavy discounts from airlines and only after any donated airline miles are exhausted); sometimes hotel stays at conferences where the aid family is requested to share their story (where again hotel discounts and miles programs have left a money gap that must be met); gaps in website development and production costs (often material costs to companies donating time and manpower) to get the news about true autism recovery options told; and other such expenses that must be met, but which are generally negotiated to be as low as possible. AID for AUTISM goes out of its way to find charity from all service providers wherever possible. And, so many businesses are anxious to help and receive recognition for doing so, as well as tax credit. They too seek to be part of the solution.

Before and After Dramatic Journey
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Aid for Autism is part of The Hope Fund, a 501c nonprofit organization.
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